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idea gatherer


I seek to be an idea gatherer. To create spaces for people to bring their ideas and dreams. Often times, we don't even realize the power of our imagination and the ability of our ideas until we get to activate them. Here's to giving people a chance to plug in, test it out, and see just how bright it can be.

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The Grand Budapest Hotel


Simply complex. I imagine that’s quite an elusive review for a film, so I’ll try to expand. The Grand Budapest Hotel features a story read by a young girl sitting at a monument in a cemetery, in which the Author narrates through the film. Taking place in the 1960’s, the Author (whose name is never given) and the hotel owner sit down for dinner to share how he came to acquire the hotel; leading to another dimension of story in…

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“Settle Down”


Every so often, an article or publication strikes a new chord with me. It can be the tone of the article, a standalone quote, or even just the title. Last week, a Twitter follower shared a link to a video on Buzzfeed highlighting various road trips around the country. They nailed it with the trips themselves, but I couldn't see beyond the opening slide of the film: "Settle Down" is one of those phrases that makes me twitch in frustration.…

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The Truest Thing About You


"Your identity in Christ is always the truest thing about you. When we define ourselves by what we do, or what we have, or what we desire, it can lead to identity crisis—especially because we aren’t always 'worthy' in those areas. We are, I think, a collection of someones. The Christian life means making who we are in Christ the most fundamental layer of our identity. So the rougher parts of who we are can often still be true about…

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A New Year: 27 Before 27


2013. A memorable year. A half-dozen notebooks of cat-scratch and scribbles help me navigate through the last twelve months. It has been a defining years in all aspects; from family to faith. I lived in Boston amidst the terror of the Marathon bombing, got involved in a publicity stunt with Doritos that landed me over 230 bags of chips, and conquered my nerves to speak with actress Emma Watson at the premiere of her latest film in France. Turning 25…